Theresa Fox

Staff Member

THERESA FOX, a native of Greensboro, studied violin and viola performance at UNCG. Ms. Fox coaches our beginning violin and viola students. The viola mentor for the Danville Symphony Orchestra for the past ten years, Theresa has also played with several other orchestras and ensembles in North Carolina and Virginia: notably, she is a member of the Danville String Quartet. Theresa also plays violin on the praise-and-worship team at We Are One Christian Fellowship. Theresa performs chamber music with Integrity Strings, Music Academy of North Carolina faculty, and with a piano Quintet in Greensboro. 

Diane Boufedji

Diane Boufedji

Diane Boufedji has had students in WFCYO since 2020 and is also a parent volunteer. Her oldest daughter Laila, 16 years old, has played viola since first grade and Alia, 8 years old, started learning viola with WFCYO at age 6.  Diane had learned piano, violin and clarinet growing up but didn’t keep playing after high school.  She always appreciated the importance of learning to read music and playing an instrument and has wanted to pass that onto her daughters. She found WFCYO when they were transitioning from public school to homeschooling and thought it would be a great fit for their family. Her oldest had been part of an orchestra program for eight years and she wanted Laila to continue to grow in her talents. WFCYO is a unique organization because they encourage the parents to also learn to play an instrument. Diane found this as the perfect opportunity to learn cello and play alongside her daughters in the orchestra.