Photo/Video Gallery

WFCYO July 22 2018 (ECO)
Members of WFCYO performed with Experience Chamber Orchestra
(ECO) in Raleigh July 20-22, 2018.

2017 Winter Concert (Birch Boogie)

2017 Winter Concert (Flamingo Night & Deck The Halls)

2017 Winter Concert (Dance In D and Ode-Joy)

2017 Winter Concert (Cello Solo). More photos…

Nov. 14- 5p.m.-6p.m. Song writing & Arranging Workshop Guest
Recording Artist: VIOLET BELL for ALL STUDENTS *we received
grant funding to bring local recording artists to WFCYO students.
Violet Bell will be debuting a new song and I am transcribing the
instrument parts for our students to perform with Violet Bell on the
May 26 concert.
Summer 2017: Back To School Give Away
2017 WFCYO - Back to School Give-Away
Spring (June) 2017: Concert

Spring (May) 2017 Concert
Spring Concert: December 2016