What We Do


Our Programs

Classes are held Tuesday evenings. Tuition includes snacks, instrument, and materials for $85 per session (7 weeks).

Beginning students (ages 3-7) are introduced to note reading, pitch recognition, as well as counting notation.  Emphasis is placed on correct posture, technique, and tone development on open strings.  Method Books include a mixture of Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements 2000 Book I, Suzuki Book I, and folk songs.

Intermediate students (ages 8-12)  develop skills necessary to read parts independently and make music as a group. Emphasis is placed on correct technique & posture, note reading, and pitch and rhythmic accuracy.  Method Books include a review of Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements 2000 Book I, Suzuki Book I, and Grade I music literature.

Advanced students (ages 13+) are experienced players who explore jazz theory, improvisation, contrasting dynamics, and perform music in mixed meters.  Emphasis is placed on chamber music, performance etiquet, tone, and musicianship.  Advanced students are featured as soloists and peer coaches.  Repertoire for Advanced students includes a mixture of popular, contemporary, and classical Grade III-IV literature.

5:00p.m. – 5:45p.m. Beginning Orchestra (ages 3-7)
5:00p.m. – 5:45p.m. Intermediate Orchestra (ages 8-12)
6:00p.m.- 7:00p.m. Advanced Orchestra (ages 13+)


Song Cover: Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rae
Arrangement: Brandon & Issac, Cellists


II. Summer Immersion Camps

Camps are held on Tuesdays.
Tuition included snacks, instruments, and materials for $75 per student.

Two levels of orchestra were offered including: Adagio Strings (Beginning Orchestra)  and

Andante Strings (Intermediate Orchestra).

Pre-K through 4th graders were introduction to posture, technique, and musicianship. Students
demonstrated what they learned by performing a mini-concert of open string repertoire with the bow.
Rising 6 -12 graders improved tone production, instrumental technique, sight reading, and musical expression.

Students demonstrated mastery of skill by performing a mini-concert of classical and contemporary musical selections at the end of each week.